DeCobo was born from the firm belief that there is another way to do things. After a few years of intermediation, at DeCobo we discovered the need to maintain the commitment to preserve our traditions, the countryside, the products that identify us, and that is why we only choose to buy raw materials from a fair market, which respects rights of workers and farmers, and uses ethical practices in the cultivation of its fruits.

Mantain traditions

At  decobo we believe in one clear concept: the best oil is obtained from the best raw material.

and the best raw material comes from producers who put passion and love into their work every day.
En DeCobo tenemos un concepto claro: el mejor aceite se obtiene de la mejor materia prima.
Oil extraction is a natural process supervised by people committed to quality.
This is the secret of our oil, fair trade and happy people.

At DeCobo we believe in respect for the farmer, the consumer and the planet, and it will be our maxim in all our actions. Click here to know more.