And ours, apart from oil, is respect for the planet and gratitude to it for all the good it gives us. And we want you to breathe thoroughly in every drop of our oil. That is why we want to tell you how we are going to do it.

Global compromise

Through a close friend who has collaborated with them for almost 30 years, and who is very involved with the Foundation, collaborating with them by going to Kenya, Ethiopia, the Philippines, among other parts of the world, to do her bit. When I lived in Galicia, my friend told me about this association, and she suggested that I collaborate with them, so I decided to organize a cooking course for the young people who were going to help out during their summer vacations. I set up the course together with the School of Hospitality of A Coruña. We decided to organize this course because they had previously planted and harvested fruits and vegetables, but they did not know food preservation systems. As we have no electricity or water, we teach them to make jams, preserves, smoked foods, and to dehydrate, among others. My daughter went to Kenya to teach them the ways of preserving food that she had previously learned.

As time went by, I was collaborating with them both economically, organizing schools or workshops, and promoting meetings or synergies with the contacts that I had access to and could be of help.

Seeing the needs they had for a place where they can teach, and receive education in order to become self-sufficient, or have an opportunity to get ahead, (normally educational programs focus on the early stages, leaving adolescents in need of finishing their preparation and learn a trade that helps them develop their adult life) I decided to donate the amount to set up a workshop school in Kenya, where young and not so young attend.

Now we have decided to continue maintaining the relationship with them by donating 1% of DeCobo’s annual profits, so when you buy our products, you are collaborating directly with them. Get to know them here:

Eva Cobo


Commitment to the environment

We know the importance of caring for the environment, which is why all the waste we generate is removed by recycling companies. We believe that glass containers can have a second life, which is why many of our products are packed in glass containers collected from customers, which have been washed and disinfected for later reuse.

Commitment to the client

Of course, respect is also towards our consumer, therefore all our products are selected, treated, packaged, and preserved under strict quality controls, ensuring from start to finish, that both the raw material, the packaging and the facilities meet all quality and safety requirements.

Commitment to ourselves

How could it be otherwise, the most important factor in our company is the people who make it up. All the people who make up the DeCobo team have fair working conditions, schedules adapted as much as possible to our personal lives, we are part of the company’s decision-making.